"Networking for People Who Don't Do Networking" workshop (6 June 2019)


I recently offered an interactive workshop, Networking for People Who Don't Do Networking, at the Hive Sheung Wan. To many, networking feels like an awkward activity, but it doesn’t have to be. While the word “networking” might put you off, networking can be a great way to make connections, learn about new trends, test your ideas, find new friends, and build your career. It all depends on how you go about it.


In the workshop, participants learned how to reframe their idea of networking so that networking can become a meaningful part of their lives. Topics we dealt with include:

  • how to network without feeling or acting like a jerk,

  • how to do informational interviews (and why they’re such a vital tool),

  • the dos and don’ts when networking on LinkedIn,

  • techniques for mapping out your network and becoming aware of your weak/strong ties, and

  • ways in which introverts may overcome their fear of networking.

Testimonial from one participant:

“In her workshop Networking for People Who Don’t Do Networking at the Hive Sheung Wan, Julianne broke the ice at once with activities and discussions that invited us to share personal experiences. She effectively drew her insights from various literatures in psychology and anthropology, and gave everyday examples of cultivating relationships that turn into something more rewarding.”

– Lesley C. (25), legal profession

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About the author

Julianne Yang is a Norwegian career coach and HR consultant in Hong Kong. She offers one-on-one career counselling for young professionals, PhD candidates, and university students who are looking to build meaningful careers. She also designs and runs career workshops and training sessions for universities, co-working spaces, and companies in Hong Kong.

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When she’s not career coaching or training, she works as an HR consultant for small- to medium-sized tech companies, managing all things related to hiring.

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