LinkedIn training for BASc freshers at HKU (Leadership Without Borders)


In 2019, The University of Hong Kong launched a new group of Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degrees, aimed at nurturing globally-minded thinkers and leaders. The degrees involve all ten faculties at the University, and are aimed at training student who can “leverage their interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to address the contemporary and future challenges of our increasingly complex world.” I had the great pleasure of meeting the first cohort this September, when I was invited to offer a workshop on LinkedIn.

Why do university students in Year 1 need to be on LinkedIn? Isn't a bit early to make a LinkedIn profile when you are only in Year 1? In this workshop, we discussed why LinkedIn can be a resource also for freshers, and how BASc students may use LinkedIn for a range of purposes: to find internships, to discover part-time jobs, to explore future career options, and to build a professional online presence.

Julianne Yang