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“First of all I would like to thank you for the workshop [“Beyond the CV: LinkedIn and presenting yourself online”]. I understood the importance of not just having but also using LinkedIn for my future career. I did have an account before coming to your workshop but I was not using it effectively. Thanks to your workshop, I learned how to make use of this platform to make myself visible. I learnt a lot when you showed us how to write a summary on LinkedIn and what are the do's and dont's. The workshop was organized well and the opportunities that you gave us to interact were very insightful.”

– Ghanishta S. (24), pursuing a Master's Degree in Environmental Management

“Julianne has an obvious and contagious enthusiasm for what she does. Her workshop [“LinkedIn for PhD holders and PhD candidates”] is well-structured, and all the parts of the workshop are clearly linked to one another. Julianne is attentive and ensures that everyone’s on board, adjusting her workshop in response to people’s needs.

I found the exercises useful, especially the one where we analyzed examples of LinkedIn profiles. It kicked off a broader discussion of what LinkedIn is, and how different people can use LinkedIn to present themselves in a way that feels true to them.”

– Feroz S. (31), PhD in Philosophy

“This workshop [LinkedIn for PhD holders and PhD candidates] opened my eyes to why having a LinkedIn profile is useful – for instance, for making connections inside and outside academia, and for following companies that might be interesting, future employers. The workshop was also great in that I got concrete advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn. It was both user-oriented and user-friendly.”

– Madelen B. (27), pursuing a PhD in Literary Studies


Career Coaching


Ida’s story

Services used:
CV and job application editing

Ida H. S. (30 y/o, PhD in Translation Studies) was applying for a position as a post-doctoral researcher at a university. We worked together on her cover letter, academic CV, and research proposal. Despite having a tight timeline (less than a week), Ida managed to submit her application ahead of her deadline.

Ida was ultimately invited for an interview – and she got the job!

Here is Ida’s feedback on our work together:

Your services was without a doubt a great help in landing me an interview at the university where I wanted to work. My project description was clearer because of her insightful comments, which I think made it easy for my interviewers and me to be on the same page at once. I got the job, and I am happy to say your help was absolutely invaluable!

It’s of course a challenge to give feedback on something so close to the deadline, but I was never in doubt that your feedback and suggestions would improve my application significantly. It was especially helpful that your comments were so concrete, on the one hand (so that it always felt manageable). On the other hand, your comments often touched on general principles and academic customs, which means that one can put those pieces of advice in one’s backpack and bring them along for the future.

Some specific things I learned were: 1) what an academic CV should contain, and how to should look, 2) that you have to structure your research proposal with sub-headlines (which means that you have to write and think as clearly as the structure of the text demands!), and 3) making a Gantt chart!

I’m impressed by your work capacity and by how quickly you understand various projects within different disciplines and get an overview of the applicant’s motivation and wishes.

To sum up, I felt that it was first of all really useful, and secondly that I really learned a lot.


Maya’s story

Services used:
One-on-one career coaching

Maya T. V. (31 y/o, BA in Literary Studies) knew she was graduating soon and wanted to find some direction. After our first consultation, I understood that she also just needed someone to explore ideas with – someone who could help her map out her interests, skills and experience.

We met for two longer sessions and worked on exercises that I specially designed for Maya. The exercises helped Maya reflect on, talk about, and write down, among other things: a) what she looks for in a job, b) what her existing experiences are, and c) who her network is. Through our conversations, Maya realized – like many graduates – that she had more experiences and a broader network than she initially thought.

Maya shared some great news shortly after our final session: She had not only completed one of the tasks we set for her – namely, to submit her creative writing to a literary magazine – the magazine was going to print her writing in their upcoming issue!

This is Maya’s feedback on our work together:

Given that career planning is a topic that scares me, our conversations felt very safe and comfortable. What helped me feel safe (and what might also help others?) is that you actually talk about your own job-related experiences, both the good and the daunting. You talk about your own career change too, which was really inspiring.

The counselling/coaching you provided was clear, especially the exercises we did together (where I ranked my interests, drew a mind map of my work/volunteer experience, and wrote down the people in my network). I had no idea how much experience I actually had. I know I can now really refer back to these exercises when I have to tailor a CV to a job application, or talk about myself in an interview. It’s easy to forget how much one knows, but your exercises helped me remember! For someone like myself, who worries a lot, it was incredibly therapeutic that you helped me see that I actually know a thing or two.

I was surprised by how therapeutic and uplifting it was to talk about career-related issues together. I even felt a little bit high/excited afterwards – I almost wanted to apply for a job right away, just to keep working with you!


Tayyaba’s story

Services used:
One-on-one career coaching • CV and job application editing • Interview preparation

Tayyaba Y. (22 y/o, BA in Social Work) and I met when we were both volunteering at a public library. We got talking and she said that she felt insecure when it came to her job search: She had sent out many applications, but she rarely heard back from employers. As a fresh graduate, she also wanted advice on how to realize her dream of becoming a social worker.

Tayyaba and I worked together for 3 sessions across a period of 3 months, and Tayyaba’s confidence grew with every session. From initially seeming quiet and shy, she opened up and soon turned out to be one of the most energetic, talkative client I’ve worked with.

Tayyaba had good news when she came to our final session: She had been invited for a job interview! I thus adapted the plan for the final session so that we rehearsed for her interview. She later wrote that the interview went really well thanks to our preparations.

Here’s what Tayyaba has to say about our work together:

I can’t describe how grateful I am for your help. Thanks to your career counselling, I feel more confident about writing CVs and job applications – and about myself in general, my own experience, strengths and skills. You have enabled me to feel proud of myself and of what I’ve achieved in my life (be they big or small achievements).

When we worked on job application writing, it was really helpful that you highlighted skills, experience and personality in the documents (and even used colors to do so!). It really helped me realize what I needed to improve in my documents. The interview training was also a great exercise for getting to know myself and my strengths better. Afterwards I felt very well prepared for even the most difficult questions I could get in an interview.

You have helped me so much, not least by listening to and understanding me. You have allowed me see my own strengths in a unique way that I was unknown to me until I met you.

Lucy’s story

Services used:
CV and job application editing

Lucy A. (32 y/o, MA in Public Health) was applying for a position at a non-profit organization. We worked together on improving her resume, cover letter, and a document addressing key selection criteria (KCS).

Lucy’s deadline was only 8 days away, so we immediately worked out a timeline with multiple mini-deadlines. Besides editing and proof-reading her documents, I helped Lucy stay accountable to her own goals by following up regularly, reminding her to take breaks, and encouraging her along the way.

Here’s Lucy’s feedback on our work together:

I've learnt so much via being coached through the job search process that, regardless of the outcome, I am taking away a great deal from this exercise. I am beyond grateful for the encouragement, the hand-holding and most of all your expertise.

What I loved about how you worked is that the support you offered actually felt like a mentorship exchange, as opposed to merely a proofreading service. With every edit, I felt that I was building confidence in my ability to frame my professional experience - something that formerly filled me with unspeakable fear.

Just now, when looking at the same website and chancing upon another job that lights a fire in my belly, I felt literally excited to write the cover letter and started scribing it in my head. That is an incredible feeling, and one that I owe entirely to your patience with me.

What you've done has offered an antidote to the imposter syndrome that I allow to hold me back professionally, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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